Yuna And Sora

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Yuna And Sora

40 ratings

Updated to PhysBones!

Cyberpunk stylized couple made it ALL FROM SCRATCH! for use on Vrchat c:

Avatar Features:

Fully configured avatar on SDK 3.0

They can toggle clothes (Tail, Ears, Suit, Shoes, etc),

Advanced Color Change in game with 3 radial puppet (Saturation, Hue, Disable).

They have many variations of facial expressions like being sad, happy, surprise, anger, and many others.

New Cyber arm made it from Scratch.

High resolution Cyberpunk Oni Mask with color change you can use fixed on body, holding on hand or use on head.

New Cyber Sword with adaptative height containing 4 steps.


They are compatible with the new Raliv plugin ( Dynamic penetration), containing a total of 8 controllers for women and 7 for men.

**Necessary assets that are NOT INCLUDED in this package:**

DynamicPenetrationSystemV1_11 (You can buy here: https://gumroad.com/l/lwthuB)

Tutorial how import and Setup your project on Unity:

1- Create a new project on Unity.

2- Import PoiyomiToon7.0.100 FIRST!

3- Import VRC SDK 3.0.

4- Import DynamicPenetrationSystemV1_11

5- Import Yuna and sora Package.

6- Open the scene "Yuna and Sora" and choose an avatar to upload.

(If gets error on the Builder, just click to Autofix).

Done! enjoy your new avatar! >w< 

PS: Feedbacks and sugestions from avatar you can send a email with subject "Avatar Feedback": julievrchat@gmail.com 

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