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Yuna V2.0

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Meet Yuna v2.0, new avatar made all from scratch by me for use on Vrchat c:

If you live in Europe you might wanna get her in JINXXY so you don't have to pay for VAT.

GogoLoco compatible!

Quest and Optimized version included in all packages!

Avatar Features:

They can Toggle clothes and acessories (Hat, shoes, mask, etc),

New Cyborg Arm (They can shoot, have a flashlight and you can detach to slap your friends!)

Sword toogles (Katana, Umbrella and Lightsaber!)

Large Advanced Color Change variation in game (Hair, eyes, emissions) with 3 radial puppet (Saturation, Hue, Brightness).

Change Skin Color in game.

Phys bones ready

Some Hair styles colors

Facial expressions: Sad, happy, surprise, anger, Sleeping.

Full Body Tracking Support (tested on Index, Quest 2, HTC Vive pro and CV1)

Can adjust Chest and hips size on PC version.

Avatar Status:

Optimized and Quest version:

  • 69,743 tris
  • 3 materials
  • Physbones transform: 5

Full Features version:

  • 277,285 tris
  • Physbones transform: 86
  • Material: 61
  • Texture Memory: 144,8564 MB

How import and Setup your project on Unity:

You can follow this exemple how to import and upload my avatars:
follow this steps:

1- Create a new project on Unity.

2- Import the lasted VRC SDK 3.0 version.

3- Import Poi.Toon included on the package files.

5- Import Yuna v2.0 Package.

6- Open the scene on Julie Avatars folder and upload.

Done! enjoy your new avatar! >w< 


This model is copyright protected.

You are not allowed to resell and redistribute this model or any parts of this model.

You are allowed to stream, make videos, edit as much as you like, use in any private way as you want.


Last two pictures from @ADC_Vr (The Horns and tail not included on package*)

Locomotion Fix

This video make my pistol works, ty GoFluffYaself:

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Yuna V2.0

54 ratings
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